The consulting group "Business-KRUG"  - successfully to do business since 2003 and today is  market leaders of professional services in audit, appraisal, tax and legal consulting.

The staff of Consulting group "Business-KRUG"  is a team of professional auditors, appraisers, consultants in various sectors having unique practicians on projects implementation for the companies of various industries.

The long experience, big staff of high-class specialists allow to solve the most complex tasks, offering the specific business solutions tied to specifics of an industry.

Now the  Consulting group "Business-KRUG"  offers a range of services and complex decisions for business in audit  according to the Russian and international standards, taxes and the low, an appraisal of tangible and intangible assets, maintenance of capital operations, due diligence.

Also we accompany projects of public-private partnership, providing balance of interests and a unification of public educations and business.

In order that clients found time maximum for planning of the business, but not the solution of problem tasks, we offer service of strategic consulting.

The Consulting group "Business-KRUG"  actively expands own network and opens new representations in regions.

Interests of Consulting group "Business-KRUG", represent the companies rendering services in audit, consulting and appraisal in 50 cities of Russia. Regional availability opens new opportunities for our clients, allows to receive guaranteed high-quality services in the region.

Representatives in regions - the stable companies sharing the business values and the principles of Consulting group "Business-KRUG"  and compliance the modern quality standards of services.